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Stay away they will suck u dry nothing but straight rip offs

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Stay away. Very far away. This dealership will suck you dry. Search TDIClub forums to read more about all the people who have been scammed. Nice cars NICECARSTDIS Forrest Barlow Forrest Fritz Fritz German Fastlane Fleet scam rip off shady salvage NiceCars NiceCarsTDI B4V TDI PassatNice cars NICECARSTDIS Forrest Barlow Forrest Fritz Fritz German Fastlane Fleet scam rip off shady salvage NiceCars NiceCarsTDI B4V TDI PassatNice cars NICECARSTDIS... Read more

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engin bad, drive train bad, breaks bad, oh man out tons of $. Bad company!!! Why are there so many bad sales men in the world who say one thing and give you another. Stay far far away. Never shop her. Promises are worthless! warrantys are ***. cars are totaled out cars with vins swapped. Never trust these guys!!! I did a bit of checking around and everyone else is saying the same thing they are expecting me to pay a whopping 18,000 grand... Read more

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Chasing down B4 Passats gets a little rough. Bob and his crew of Gas Monkeys promised a rig that had been in storage for the last few years, and had factory original windshield, and stereo. I took off with a poorly installed Kenwood without the antenna connected. So no radio for the next 4 days up the ALCAN. I latter teased out a TUPAC CD, and judging by the condition of the suspension, this thing had been RALLYED!!! All 4 doors had poorly... Read more

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Nice Cars Company - Scammed like I've never been scammed before.
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Bob promises you the "Nicest Restored TDI on the planet!" from this hokey shop in Bellingham staffed by kids and amateurs. Six months after the initial payment for a 1996 Passat TDI Wagon and many phone calls later, I received anything but a nicely restored TDI. Broken brake caliper, loose steering column in the assembly; runs, swirling, ghosting, and scratches all over the "new" paint, diesel leaking down the front of the engine, loose door... Read more

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Bought a used car here. We tried to haggle the price down, but Bob was adamant that the car was worth every penny and he wouldn't negotiate. After paying the tab and driving off the lot, we stopped to remove the "for sale" sticker from the windshielnd. Underneath was a baseball sized chip. OMG. How *** were we? A day later the headlights stop working. A week later the radiator springs a leak. Next day, the power steering pump goes out. *** it,... Read more

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We paid $14,500 for a "completely restored" 1997 VW Passat Wagon Tdi BV4 (the crown jewel of the tdis) from Nice Cars in Bellingham, (also doing business as Fritz German, Fastlane Fleet, and German Automotive). This car has severe mechanical problems, cannot pass smog inspection and will continue to be a money pit. The sales pitch is vast and alluring, but the product is a sham. Do not buy a car from Nice Cars without having it thoroughly... Read more

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DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE SCAMMERS. I made the mistake of spending several thousand dollars there for a used car. I started having problems within a week of owning it. For example, the check engine light had been disconnected behind the guage cluster. Rather than fix the problems they unplugged it so it would appear okay. There is water leaking in from several spots causing mold and mildew. The entire electrical system has been cut up and is... Read more

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What is bad is that they don't open sometimes until noon which is strange. When they do open they do super good work. I have a Passat TDI diesel, a 1996 Sedan. WE were traveling through Bellingham coming back from the Olympics when our TDI started losing power. WE went to the Factory Volkswagen Dealer in town in Bellingham. They charged us $210 to tell us we needed a new $1400 Turbo which they had to order and wait 2 days. A mechanic... Read more

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Bought a VW Golf TDi from this company. They claim to have tons of experience with TDi (diesels) and the cars come with a 1 year warranty. Yeah, right! Car had problems literally from the second I test drove it. I should have walked away but they made promises and I needed a car (yes, I was an ***). 3 weeks after I bought the car, the turbo went bad. This is when their "warranty" turned out to be as worth about what the piece of paper was it was... Read more

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