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Bought a VW Golf TDi from this company.They claim to have tons of experience with TDi (diesels) and the cars come with a 1 year warranty.

Yeah, right! Car had problems literally from the second I test drove it. I should have walked away but they made promises and I needed a car (yes, I was an ***). 3 weeks after I bought the car, the turbo went bad.

This is when their "warranty" turned out to be as worth about what the piece of paper was it was written on. They claimed that the turbos "never go bad" and that it wasn't a covered part. $900 for a new turbo. At that point I did my research and it turns out this is a common problem and they SHOULD have known if they have any knowledge of TDi's.

Talking to other mechanics in the area turned up plenty of evidence that their mechanics aren't trained on TDi's and one look at their "service area" ought to put you off (most legit shops at least have a LIFT!).

A bit more research turned up a fine from the state for selling rebuilt cars and plenty of other complaints from people online.Yeah, my bad for not doing enough due diligence and being suckered, but hopefully this will help others avoid a mistake.

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Bad company!!!!!stay far away!!!!

don't waist your time!!!!Ask around look up BBB of wa better business


Every good review is done by Forrest Fritz, aka Forrest Barlow aka the "new" owner of Nice Cars. Check out TDIClub forums for the amazing story of someone who almost bought a car with swapped vin numbers. These crooks tried to sell him a salvage title car.


Its sad but true,, I now & have known these guys for years. they are pulling off something that will catch up to them ....


ya i just bought a car from here too. and its a pos i wish i could have seen this earlier.

i even brought mine to a pre buy inspection but he failed to see the bad wheel bearing the key that was not the real key to the car the seats not folding down......dont ever go to advanced AWD in Ferndale ether. what he did see was a bad flue filter and the plate that covered the the clutch was missing, with out seeing that my clutch would have been toast..


I wish I would have seen this website prior to buying my car.I believed the hype and the folksy friendliness of Bob.

The car has cost me an additional $3,200 after getting it from Nice Cars to take care of a smoking engine, a leaking clutch, a leaking master cylinder, a broken window motor, a broken hatch lock, an AC unit that wasn't charged, etc.

Now, Bob has disappeared from communication.:( NOT a happy customer.


Went to test drive a car there and the tranny started failing on the test drive.Pulled over made the sales guy drive it back.

The owner laughed and said no way must be us he just bought this gem from the auction. He pulled out of his lot just to have the car *** out as soon as he got on the road. We just left with him in the middle of the road.

lol what a joke the place is also a junk yard of sorts I think because there is garbage everywhere and half the cars are broken and not for sale.Now that I think about it, this guy totally converted his front yard full of junkers into a car lot!

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, United States #246726

I also bought a piece of junk from NICE CARS Bellingham WA too. Mold, water leaks, paint that literally flaked off a month after I bought it, and an engine that burns a quart of oil a week were my pleasant surprises. Screw those A$$holes


Wow that turbo went fast. I have a turbo without a Blow-off valve and it surges like crazy and it still works after over a year of abuse. But my car is not a VW maybe that is why.


I also had nothing but trouble with "Nice" Car Company.Unfortunately I believed all Bob's hype about the car - I was a sucker.

I bought the car in May, 2008 and everything that could possibly go wrong with the car went wrong, starting right after I drove it off the lot. They never made good on their "warranty"...nothing but lies. I eventually even had to replace the engine. I've now spent $8,000 above the inflated price I paid for the passat TDI.

Regret and anger...have no idea how they stay in business.

The reputable German Motor mechanics who have been fixing all the messes for the past two years said they've seen other wrecks like mine coming from Nice Car Company.Beware!!!


Sorry Nick but you sound like a shill.An overwhelmingly large number of people on the forums and local places like Craigslist have have reported bad luck with this place.

One young lady bought a Golf from them and a month later the engine exploded. They refused to do anything for he, leaving her devastated with a $4500 bill.

If you did indeed have a good experience, then you are in the minority.Hopefully you don't have issues.

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